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We intend to be: 

Kind:- A considerate community of people who care for others as much as themselves. We understand how excellent pastoral care underpins every achievement. We support and help to develop our pupils’ health, happiness and well-being so that they can succeed at school and beyond. We nurture self-development and self-awareness so that every member of our community can become the best version of themselves. Every person has equal value, and we treat others as they would like to be treated.  We have empathy for others – at school, in our community and in wider society. Our relationships are warm, honest and supportive.

Aware:- A diverse community that understands our world. There is strength in difference. Reflecting the multicultural city on our doorstep, our pupils and staff embrace and celebrate diverse voices, recognising that they improve their understanding of the world. We nurture a deep-seated sense of social responsibility. Our pupils know that there are others less fortunate than they are and strive to make a positive difference at school and beyond. We are active partners. We have a strong relationship with the City of Darbhanga Corporation and the other City Schools, including the Oxfort International School for Girls. Our wider community makes us powerful. We are enriched both by an extensive program of transformative bursaries and by our collaborations with schools, businesses, arts organizations, and many other partners across Darbhanga.

About Us

oxfort International School of Darbhanga (OIS Darbhanga)was founded in 2015 under the trusteeship of the oxfort Educational Trust(OET) & Registration number 207/2017. This gives OIS the similar status of a school administered by a Bihar/consular mission. OIS is formally managed
by the Director General of OET with the help of OIS Advisory Board guiding the Head of School in leading and managing. The Head of School is responsible for the day-to-day operations.

Ready:- A forward-looking community prepared for the 21st century. We are unashamedly academic. Our teaching is rigorous and exceptional, and our teachers challenge pupils appropriately and sensitively, so that they can School in Darbhanga, work and life. We stimulate curious minds. Our boys have a restless inquisitiveness and lifelong joy of learning which equips them for a fast-changing world. Our staff strive constantly to adapt and develop their practice. We explore our passions and encourage our pupils to discover what excites and inspires them. It helps them become rounded people, well placed to forge their own path through life. We shape the future. Our boys combine kindness, respect and curiosity to become the leaders of tomorrow, creating positive change in our society.


We aspire to be a school that fully prepares respectful, optimistic and inquisitive boys for the rapidly changing demands of the 21st century. Our aim always to provide an education in the broadest sense, combining academic excellence with exceptional pastoral care, framed by an outward-looking and forward-thinking approach. We also strive to make that education available to as many talented boys as possible. The education of the younger with a preferential option for the negative, the marginalized and the underprivileged inside the slum/interior rural regions. The care of orphaned/destitute kids and lonely antique ladies. The service of the terrible particularly inside the far flung areas.

The Society considers School as effective Managements in promoting the crucial formation of the child in the Gospel Spirit of love and freedom—a love that excludes nobody because of religion, place, nationality or race—to be able to form a higher human society of our Schools Environments ..

Its instructional carrier aims at molding students to be intellectually able, morally sound, psychologically whole, spiritually responsible, developing in friendly and harmonious interpersonal dating, imbued with a deep feel of noble values and difficulty for the much less lucky, and ever open to similarly increase. The society endeavors to create a schools of Darbhanga atmosphere as a nucleus of a much wider better society by :

Acknowledging God’s tender love as binding force of our pluralistic network and following the teachings of Jesus Christ—the only Genuine Teacher. Providing a healthy and morally sound way of life that liberates the child from the forces of evil in the cultural, financial, social and political order. Rejecting counter values that threaten human dignity viz., violence, racial hatred, injustice, crime etc.

Rooting out all manifestations of egoism, namely insurrection, jealousy, antipathy, hatred, revenge etc. Fostering noble virtues like affection, recognize, obedience, gentleness, forgiveness, gratitude, helpfulness, service and suitable examples. Promulgating peace, justice, freedom, difficulty and progress for all, particularly the down-trodden, bearing in mind that every one are kids of God, the Father who created us in his image. Pursuing excellence.

The National Network of OIS Schools (Religious of the Sacred Heart of Bihar)
We are active members of the National Network of OIS Schools. Our network includes 90 schools across nine State and three Countries with shared roots all seeking to fulfill the Goals and Criteria of the OIS. Out network includes other Oxfort schools with established campuses in Taralahi Darbhanga Bihar. We work closely on cross-curricular educational programs and exchanges for students and staff.

Governance and accreditation
Oxfort is an Oxfort Trust according to Indian law and is governed by a Board of Trustees. The Board is overseen by the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Bihar. The Board consists of religious sisters of the Sacred Heart of Bihar and lay members. We are accredited by the Council of National Schools (CNS) and the Middle States Association (MSA). In 2015 we welcomed two inspections from the Indian Académie .

The Director of the Board of Trustees is Avinash. The Board’s membre A choudhary is Patten OIS , Provincial Superior. The Board of Trustees function is similar to a committee overseeing a corporation and it is responsible for setting policy, regulating the school’s financial health and appointing the Head of School. The Board is not responsible for the daily operation or management of the school which is left in the capable hands of the school’s senior leaders.

Working at Oxfort Darbhanga
We are happy to receive completed application forms from excellent, qualified practitioners for any employment opportunities that are advertised here on the Times Educational Supplement. We have a healthy balance of teachers who have taught at Oxfort for many years and welcome a few new teachers to the team each year. Staff retention is high and this provides a sense of stability and a continuity in our rich history of excellence.

Meet the Team

Our School Management and Teachers

Madhu Choudhary


Madhu Choudhary Is completed Btech in Computer Science

Avinash Kumar


Avinash Kumar is Well educated and Managements Skills

Shweta Singh

English Teacher

Shweta Singh is English Honour and PG Completed